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Sit Smart

Office Chairs are possibly the most iconic, yet largely overlooked aspect of office design. Although it may just look like a bunch of chairs and tables put together, your office’s layout is based on the work structure and corporate buildup of your specific company; and office chairs quite literally lend the basic support to this


Choosing work stations and executive desks is a task that quite essentially equals determining the layout and nature of the office. It can be a deciding factor in whether you opt for cubicles or if an open plan office would work better for you; whether you need to invest in additional storage facilities or if

Greet and seat visitors in style

As the saying goes, first impressions always stick around. This is why having an effective reception area in place is of utmost importance to your corporate office. Ensuring a positive first impression the second a visitor step through the door is key. To achieve this, you need to make sure that a personal touch accompanies

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