Sit Smart

Choosing an Office Chair that’s Easy on the Back
Office Chairs are possibly the most iconic, yet largely overlooked aspect of office design. Although it may just look like a bunch of chairs and tables put together, your office’s layout is based on the work structure and corporate buildup of your specific company; and office chairs quite literally lend the basic support to this algorithm.
Backaches and a pained neck are common complaints amongst today’s workforce. The trick to tackling this problem involves looking at the broader picture rather than to focus on just sitting as the problem. A healthy day should find the right balance between standing, sitting and walking; and various factors like gender, age and body-size factor into this equation. Because of this,

You need to find a chair...


Choosing Workstations and Desks that Work for You
Choosing work stations and executive desks is a task that quite essentially equals determining the layout and nature of the office. It can be a deciding factor in whether you opt for cubicles or if an open plan office would work better for you; whether you need to invest in additional storage facilities or if you’re well provided for already. As any office design expert can tell you,

A well-planned, personalized work environment and perceptively engineered furniture makes all the difference in an employee’s output and overall productivity.

The task might seem quite daunting, so here’s are a set of concerns you must consider while looking to find the perfect desk:
  • Compile a List of all your Work Needs<...

Greet and seat visitors in style

Putting Together an Impressive Reception Space
As the saying goes, first impressions always stick around. This is why having an effective reception area in place is of utmost importance to your corporate office. Ensuring a positive first impression the second a visitor step through the door is key. To achieve this, you need to make sure that a personal touch accompanies the furniture placement, decor and utility while designing your space.

A well designed Reception Lobby is a perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and personality.

Making sure that this space sends across the exact message that you wish to convey requires a thorough planning of every last detail.

While designing an effective reception area, make sure that fulfill t...